I’ve Got a Little List…

I have pulled together a list of links to my videos which show the spirit and temperament of the Icelandic horse, its background and use in Iceland as an educational outreach to those who may be new to the breed.  Although the links have all been readily available on the Internet, to my knowledge they have never been curated and offered as an introduction to the Icelandic horse.

For an introduction to the horse in Iceland I have selected the video that opens Hestakaup — some friends ride with a herd of horses to a neighbor’s farm.  It is revealing to watch the relationship between the herd of horses and the group of riders as they  interact with each other.  http://www.hestakaup.com/what-its-all-about/

If there is something “Icelandic” about the horse other than its size, cuteness, and gaits,  this video series suggests how Iceland gets into the Icelandic horse.

My own introduction to the character of the Icelandic horse is recorded in some videos of my first trek in Iceland.  http://www.hestakaup.com/my-first-trek/

How uniform breeding standards are maintained internationally is the function of the evaluations.  http://www.hestakaup.com/breed-evaluations/

Over the years I have accumulated many video examples of tolt, but this is my favorite and it has also been shared more than 1,330,000 times on YouTube alone at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7rWeWymJDw&p=0BE4F025C94158AA

No discussion of the Icelandic horse is complete without some exposure to competition as seen in a Tolt Finals of a Landsmot.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bQU5pnOi7o&p=0BE4F025C94158AA

There are actually other media than video!  Books, for example!  My friend, Nancy Marie Brown, did me a big favor by putting together an annotated bibliography.  If you are interested in furthering your knowledge about the Icelandic horse and Iceland, this is a destination!  Good recreational reading, too.


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