Welcome to My Life With Horses!


These are my video websites about horses, mostly Icelandic.  Altogether the videos have been viewed more than 2,000,000 times! To visit, just click on a red link.

HESTAKAUP! is a growing collection of videos about Icelandic horses. All about Icelandic horses. Think of it as a coffee-table book, but with videos, one that you can keep coming back to and browsing in any order that you choose.

Thokki Blog

THOKKIBLOG threads the life of Thokki, an Icelandic horse born in the USA in July, 2007. He was joined a year later by a brother, Prestur. Visit them through video from their very first days and join them as they grow and learn. Warning: extremely high cuteness quotient.




Youtube Play List HESTAKAUP ON YOUTUBEis a playlist of a few videos of Icelandic horses and riders in Iceland that have become popular on YouTube.

AN ICELANDIC BREEDING HORSE EVALUATION of 2004 shows what I feel was an exemplary effort at educational outreach.  It is here for that purpose — as an example — and for its education about the Icelandic horse.   It was the first videofor  Hestakaup.com in the Stone Age of video on the Internet, 2004.

WHEN HALF A TÖLT IS BETTER THAN NONE: A spanish television production company contacted me for permission to use a video clip of mine for a TV commercial.  Seeing that it was entertaining and a good promotion for the Icelandic horse,  of course I gave it.  See for yourself.


Something different: The Lakeville Pony Club

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